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— independent roleplay blog for the character Gates on Starz' Black Sails.

— Warning: both muse and mun are little shits. Especially mun.

—Willing to roleplay AU, Canon, Mulit-verse, violence, and anything else under the sun

—Currently tracking the tag: gxtes

{ S E M I H I A T U S }

"Let me see if I have this right. This is the fourth price in a row from which the profits will barely exceed the expenses it took to win it. Singleton's out there trying to convince your crew to torture that poor bastard of a captain simply 'cause he hasn't worked out how to get them to do it to you. But all is well, because you've discovered that the information we can't tell anybody we're looking for exists on a page... that we don't have."
Mister Gates

Gxtes is the only rp blog I have been able to locate for the black sails character Hal Gates. The mun has such an excellent grasp on the character I could swear they were the canon writer.

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Anonymous: is this blog ever going to be active again? 

bitch it might be. 

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                                              It’s a ѕα∂ тяυтħ

                                  that the people closest to us

                               are the ones capable of causing

                                                 us the most

                                                「  p a i n  

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On one hand I want to stick to my personal rule of no roleplaying until school is over. But then on the other I really, really want to roleplay. -weeps- I don’t like this. Next month needs to hurry up and get here. 

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“we need a George to crawl into bed with” — Crys (via chasingkaterina)

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“I’m guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I’m done, I’m done.” — Turcois Ominek (via quotes-shape-us)

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Yea, thats right. I’m starting a bookclub~ This is open to everyone, including personal  fandom (any fandom is fine. I say fandom only because I don’t want a HUGE group) blogs. There really is no nice way to put this so basically I request that you don’t join if you’re extremely immature or a straight dick. Sarcasm is nice, but for the enjoyment of everyone else who joins I would like this to be a friendly place. I’m not looking for a huge group, but I do want this to be timezone friendly so that we don’t have to make people stay up at odd hours just to be a part of this. So if you’re interested in this then message me or if you maybe think that other people you follow might be interested then feel free to reblog this.

Just to explain how this will work here are a few points

  • I’ll either run this through skype or chatzy ( Personally leaning towards skype. If we do use skype you are NOT required to add everyone in the bookclub. That is entirely up to you guys.)
  • there will be two separate group chats one where we all meet to talk about the book together and then the other will be for light discussion because what is book club if not a place to meet people will similar interest to your own (please note that you don’t have to actively be posting in these all the time if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to read all the books that we read. This is meant to be fun, so you are not required to do anything that you don’t want to do.)
  • during our first meeting (which I will message everyone about who contacts me) we will put together a list of books
  • I will use a random generator to decide which book we read together we will all decide how long we want to take to read each book

I think thats it to be honest. But again if you join and someone is making you uncomfortable or they are being mean to you about it then please come to me and about it and I’ll sort it out with a warning first and then removal from our book club if it needs to go that far, but lets hope it doesn’t. 

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gxtes: ☄ (innocent whistling) 


☄ - My opinion of you


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